Monday, January 30, 2012


Welcome to my blog!!!   I started this blog because I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, especially ones about art.  My sister recently started her own blog, Forged from Stars, and I decided to follow her lead.  I also am going out of my comfort zone a little by displaying my artwork online. I will be blogging about art, art education, cake decorating, and anything else that inspires me.  I named my blog Where Airy Voices Lead after one of my favorites, John Keats.  The quote is from his epic poem, Endymion.  Last year I saw the movie Bright Star after it was recommended by Netflix.  After seeing the film, I needed to know more about Keats.  All I remembered of him was his line:

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
I ordered his complete poems and letters from Amazon.
The Complete Poetical Works And Letters Of John Keats - Cambridge Edition

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his letters, and I read many of the poems, too.  He really had an amazing outllook on life.  To me, it is wayyyy worth reading, and it is a book that I will not give away. Beautiful.

Okay, enough about Keats for now.  I am currently working on various art projects.  I jump around from project to project and usually make mixed media artwork.  Please excuse my so-so pictures.  I plan to get a better camera soon.  I will post pictures as soon as something starts to look complete.  I have a picture of a Michael Jackson figure that I made for my son's 6th birthday cake.  MJ is made completely of modeling chocolate. 
 "It's close to midnight......."

Finally, ever get invited to one of those parties where people sell stuff at their houses? I went to one over the weekend. The party had two products, jewelry and this facial cleansing line called NouVara.  I looked up the NouVara before I went to the party, and I really could not find any info on it. I wanted to see what I was getting myself  into. So at the party, my friend had us wash half of our faces with the cleanser and scrub.  Then my friend's sister (the woman selling the product) gave us 4 other lotions to put on our faces.  There was a beautiful woman there in her 50s who had some wrinkles on her skin and the product made the one side of her face look significantly smoother.  I have never seen anything like it!!!!!!  Instead of dishing out the $300 for the product, I found a link (ok, my sister found the link) where you can buy a sample.  After I recieve the sample and try it out, I will post the link and let you know what I think of the product.

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