Friday, February 17, 2012


I have some new work to post.

This is a watercolor painting I started about 9 months ago.  My students were working on watercolor, and I wanted to join in the fun and show them how long much time I put into making a watercolor.

These two were made a few years ago.They are paint on paper with mixed media.  I love Mexican folk art or any folk art for that matter.  The frames were influenced by the beautiful tinwork from Mexico.  The Devil is a character and  image that I find very interesting.  I do not believe in the Devil, although I do believe in man's duality.  Anyway, the Devil makes me laugh, and I love his concept and image.  The snake painting is more serious for me, in contrast to the Devil, he represents spiritual images that I feel are in line with my heart.

This one came to me in a dream.  It is made of painted wood, paper, and flowers.  It is influenced by the beautiful Polish papercutting or Wycinanki.  There are layers and layers of cut paper which are layed out in a symmetrical design on each panel.

This one used to be part of a sculpture.  It is painted paper on silverleaf.  There is also an image on the other side.  I have big ideas for this one.  I still consider it a work in progress.  The image going down and around the baby is a snake.  I will post the final product whenever i finish it!!!!

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